Miss Banks Magnum Opus: The rollicking and heartbreaking story of one woman’s journey – as on Radio National’s This Is About

Letting it Go: An adaptation for Radio National’s Pocket Docs based on the Charlie Woollett story from the Warialda Soundtrail

Suppertime: An adaptation of the Moree Digger’s Soundtrail with a focus on Percy Suey’s story

The Blacksmith’s Song: a radio feature for Radio National’s Into The Music. Based on Sunshine Coast blacksmith artists, Steve Weis. 

Talking Fish. Radio feature: about fish, fishing and river habitats along Murray the Darling Basin. Aired on ABC Hindsight. 

Carmel’s West End. Radio feature: journey into the history of Brisbane’s West End and one woman as she tries, from the margins, to make sense of the rapid changes in her community. Aired on ABC Hindsight. 

In the Key of Carrot. Radio Feature: on musician, instrument maker and performer, Linsey Pollak. Aired on ABC, Into The Music. 

Battle Flagging Father. Radio feature: personal journey into The American South.  Winner in the 2009 Third Coast Radio Festival. Aired on ABC, Radio Eye and a US National Public Radio. 

Stories from A Place To Belong. Three x 16-20 minute radio pieces:  on surviving mental illness for people associated with West End’s community centre, A Place To Belong.

Tracing Silence. Radio feature: journey into the world of Burmese meditation. Aired on Radio New Zealand and ABC Radio Eye. 

The Interminable Son. Radio feature: personal journey into the feminist legacy. Aired on ABC Radio Eye and Radio New Zealand. 

Present Perfect. Four x 8 minute radio pieces: playful study into the hidden cultural and linguistic underpinning of Australian society as experienced by refugees. As aired on Radio Eye.

The Story Project. 3-5 minute pieces: drawn from The Story Project recordings. Aired on local ABC radio.

Talking Fish. Nine x 7-10 minute radio pieces: based on people’s connection with the Murray Darling river system. Aired on local ABC radio.

Coconut Mike. The world of coconut oils and Mike Foale. Aired on Radio National’s, First Bite.


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